Monday, April 27, 2009

nikotina optical heart tee shirt!

For those hopeless romantics with a taste for eye candy, here comes our nikotina optical heart t-shirt! Perfect to brighten a lame date or a lonesome night in the club..priced at SG$20..shipping costs varies on your order this magnificent piece of art contact us

nikotina disko grenade tees for sale!

Hey freaks get a hold of our limited nikotina disko grenade tee shirt! Designed with utmost is your ticket to the freak scene..comes in various sizes and a very affordable price of SG$20..shipping cost varies on your location. To order this groovy number contact us here

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ramachandran the God of Finger

Ramachandran spends his days in blissful meditation among the rocks and times of movement and organised chaos he gives u the finger..5" in height..made of 100% polymer clay..get a hold of this magnificent incense holder that will surely be the topic of conversations in your mundane pedestrian lives..

Monday, April 20, 2009

Add Nikotina Collectibles on Facebook!

C'mon freaks..What better way to keep in touch of what's new in the Nikotina Collectibles Vault than to converse with us on a personal level..We at Nikotina would love to get to know our collectors and the freaks we have met along the way through the many street festivals we have been involved with in the past do so, it's easy..

Step 01 : Make sure you have a Facebook account. Go to
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Step 02 : Search under "Groups" for "Nikotina Collectibles"

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Step 04 : Say "hell yeah!" You are now officially a friend of the Nikotina Freak Team!

brooke merah

Brooke Merah roams the hills of the Red Caparthian Forest..feeding off mustangs and not cross his path for he shall sell no seashells..1 foot tall with fully bendable limbs..and black faux series..order this black horned carnivore..

Grishnakh posing in all his glory in front of a church..Fully bendable limbs and 1'5'' tall..comes with a spiked rod and Rambo knife plus bullet belt and other accessories up to your liking..Black faux fur and goat skull pendant..This sick sonofabutch could be yours at the click of a and only thru custom order with us

Sunday, April 19, 2009

prophet of dope #4

pill poppin flip floppin master of the abyss of bliss..incense holder cum therapy idol for those who really wanna believe..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

slowjaxx : featured on kokoasia
read up on the interview ..

adam and eve

adam and eve in the garden of sleaze..two raunchy freaks of nature..incense holders..

Malique Metal

Malique Metal on a road trip to the Norwegian woods..available@ Blackmarket in Jalan Pisang in Singapore.. piece

prophet of dope series..continued

turn on, tune in..drop out with these prophets of dope..crafted with tender lovin fingers in our smoky abode specially for you..if u like em' its jus a click away..

prophet of dope series

nikotina presents the prophet of dope series..incense holders for those who take the road less travelled..