Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bijou Flea Mart @ plaza damas

Was another day out for the Nikotina Freak rained halfway at noon which kinda killed the crowd..but we did manage to sell some stuff in between drinks at TGIF which was strategically situated opposite our booth..which got us kinda wasted by evening..haha...

Tiger Translate-Art In The City@ Plaza Singapura 2009

Slowjaxx reprezented the Nikotina Freak Team in the Lion City..exhibiting their works for sale and doing a two day workshop on polymer was heaps of fun introducing the masses to the dark side..haha

the abominable slowjaxx

the lonesome misunderstood anti-hero..1 foot tall with fully bendable limbs..white faux fur and proudly barandishing his axe...our anti hero hides behind his luchador from prying eys and papanazis

nikotina knick knacks part 2

mixed stuff from the nikotina vault

nikotina knick knacks

t-light holders and lighter holders...lil things to brighten your mundane lives..conversational pieces for the wicked

nikotina freak team

Presenting our Nikotina Freak Zoo Collection

Saturday, August 22, 2009

nikotina new tee designs

check out our new nikotina tee designs for your viewing us here for your orders

boboi the pseudo skinhead and tamil tigerman

1 foot tall with fully bendable limbs..
two freaks of nature bonded by blood...

mountain man and dope prophet

hanging out at the barber shop...
Mountain man :1 foot tall..fully bendable faux fur..
prophet of dope : 5 inch..full clay incense holder

nikotina barbershop freaks

Nothin beats hanging out at the barbershop on a lazy Sunday afternoon...

tiga abdul

tiga abdul...three numbskulls hanging out by the street corner...BOI the pseudo skinhead clad in stolen leather jacket from a rocker..El Bastardo the furry b-grade luchador reject and Mr Sexxfiend the leather clad bondage freak...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

disko papan 3 - a gathering of the misfits

NIKOTINA / Slowjaxx

Music/Arts - 13 hours of manic live music

Start Time:
Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 2:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, June 28, 2009 at 3:00am
Location: cloth n clef
Street: 30, jalan changkat bukit bintang
City/Town: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
View Map
Nikotina with the wonderful help of Cloth n Clef presents :DISKO PAPAN 3 - a gathering of the misfits.Promising you the underground sounds of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur..Bands so far on the list are :carburetor dung (old skool punk)
stoned revivals (psychedelic)
force vomit (surf punk)
destroy all monsters (death disco)
moods (indie/lounge/jazz)
pop whizzee (ska/punk)
the zozi (indie/satire rock)
cesspit (ska/pop punk)
the pinholes (rock n roll)
the bois (Oi/ S.H.A.R.P)
the ranomes (KL's Ramones lovechild)
etc ( rock n roll)
my writes (indie/pop)
man under zero effort (progressive/jazz/rock)
tenderfist ( pop/crunk/ghettotech)
mom's on strike (progressive/rock)
azmyl yunor & the sigarettes (rock n roll)
Definitely it will be a monster line up of bands from various genres coming together to give you a good good time...we are still on the lookout for the kl any suggestions do give us a hit...the date of event might clash with urbanscapes(yeah, we just found that out last night)but like they said, the show must go on...and if u like the underground then this ones for u...we decided that since a lot of the singapore bands really wanna rock kl, might as well we do one whole day affair..the timing will be confirmed soon...if u want a different feel from what urbanscapes has to offer then do find time to check this out..we definitely have no capacity to fight against the big festivals with the backing of giant corporations for we are a D.I.Y street team and what we strive for is an option to what else there is on the plate..the bands will be travelling at their own costs and accommodation and this is purely for the music..the more people come n support the more the bands will get paid from the ticket we are really hoping that it will be worth it in the end for the bands...and that everyone gets to enjoy our version of what music is..we are not selling or promoting coolness/fashion/hipness or trend..but rather hardworking musicians who have strong beliefs in their musical form..and most important respect for one i said..feel free to suggest any bands in kl and we will definitely try n check them out..This is a no headliner festival of sorts for we are all equals.There will be a door charge but we will definitely make it as affordable as not worry..we wont leave a hole in your pockets..'s a small price for a decent 13 hrs of insane live music...peace out..slowjaxxnikotina freak team

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

vote for our tee shirt design on threadless

hey hey, show some love and vote for our tee design yours truly..slowjaxx of nikotina..go to the page, click on the numbered box on yer right hand side..and choose if u want it as tee or print...cheers!!!
my cannibal lover - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Monday, April 27, 2009

nikotina optical heart tee shirt!

For those hopeless romantics with a taste for eye candy, here comes our nikotina optical heart t-shirt! Perfect to brighten a lame date or a lonesome night in the club..priced at SG$20..shipping costs varies on your order this magnificent piece of art contact us

nikotina disko grenade tees for sale!

Hey freaks get a hold of our limited nikotina disko grenade tee shirt! Designed with utmost is your ticket to the freak scene..comes in various sizes and a very affordable price of SG$20..shipping cost varies on your location. To order this groovy number contact us here

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ramachandran the God of Finger

Ramachandran spends his days in blissful meditation among the rocks and times of movement and organised chaos he gives u the finger..5" in height..made of 100% polymer clay..get a hold of this magnificent incense holder that will surely be the topic of conversations in your mundane pedestrian lives..

Monday, April 20, 2009

Add Nikotina Collectibles on Facebook!

C'mon freaks..What better way to keep in touch of what's new in the Nikotina Collectibles Vault than to converse with us on a personal level..We at Nikotina would love to get to know our collectors and the freaks we have met along the way through the many street festivals we have been involved with in the past do so, it's easy..

Step 01 : Make sure you have a Facebook account. Go to
to sign up if you do not have one.

Step 02 : Search under "Groups" for "Nikotina Collectibles"

Step 03 : Add us.

Step 04 : Say "hell yeah!" You are now officially a friend of the Nikotina Freak Team!

brooke merah

Brooke Merah roams the hills of the Red Caparthian Forest..feeding off mustangs and not cross his path for he shall sell no seashells..1 foot tall with fully bendable limbs..and black faux series..order this black horned carnivore..

Grishnakh posing in all his glory in front of a church..Fully bendable limbs and 1'5'' tall..comes with a spiked rod and Rambo knife plus bullet belt and other accessories up to your liking..Black faux fur and goat skull pendant..This sick sonofabutch could be yours at the click of a and only thru custom order with us

Sunday, April 19, 2009

prophet of dope #4

pill poppin flip floppin master of the abyss of bliss..incense holder cum therapy idol for those who really wanna believe..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

slowjaxx : featured on kokoasia
read up on the interview ..

adam and eve

adam and eve in the garden of sleaze..two raunchy freaks of nature..incense holders..

Malique Metal

Malique Metal on a road trip to the Norwegian woods..available@ Blackmarket in Jalan Pisang in Singapore.. piece

prophet of dope series..continued

turn on, tune in..drop out with these prophets of dope..crafted with tender lovin fingers in our smoky abode specially for you..if u like em' its jus a click away..

prophet of dope series

nikotina presents the prophet of dope series..incense holders for those who take the road less travelled..

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Amy Moonshine

Drunken rock chic found sprawled by the stage..brought into our rehab..

Fully made of clay..8" tall
Works well as a dildo for those lonely drunken nites

for info n orders


incredible hulk's long lost green brotha..
1ft tall..fully bendable limbs..
custom orders n enquiries do contact us
we dun do the same thing twice..
choose your own detailing...

nikotina collectibles @ Tiger - Art In The City

Nikotina Collectibles will be doing an informal workshop @ Tiger -Art in the City. We will be showing you the basic ropes of doin fun stuff with Clay. So join our freak team @ The Atrium at Dhoby Ghaut in Singapore for freaky day out. Hosted by Kinemat, it will be held on 21st of march from 3pm - 6pm..More details will follow soon after our nikotina break..puff puff and ready...