Monday, August 11, 2008

disko papan@cloth n clef

hey fellow freaks...

nikotina and hysteria are organising an event called

disko papan

located at 30, jalan changkat bukit bintang, cloth and clef...

starts at 930pm...

it's free...

if u wanna check out sg bands like

tiramisu, go?block,

plus man under zero effort from bukit bintang

and also the stoned revivals

do come's free...

made possible by E from cloth and clef

we will be selling tee shirts and silkscreened posters

designed by slowjaxx from nikotina and handprinted by the kind souls at hysteria aka wan and saiful

hope to see u there...

16th august!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008


We had a whole lotta fun indeed at Urbanscapes 2008! The Nikotina Collectibles Freak Team and our good friends from Hysteria were part of the Threadszoo tent..We sat, drank, sold our souls and lost a few kilos from the heatwave...yours truly, Slowjaxx did a short slot at the Acoustic livehouse together with Lisa Foo doing her thang with the tapdancing, jus a simple jam together..Big thanks to the many people we got to know and those who bothered to check out our stuff..cheers!!

New Creations @ Cloth & Clef

Hey freaks..these are some of our new figures and incense holders which will be made available at Cloth & Clef @Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang . Made of hard clay..and hand made between nikotina breaks...

Cloth & Clef Soft Launch

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Threadszoo

Please check out our friends at the threadszoo
who are kind enough to put up with us for a day at Urbanscapes.

Friday, June 20, 2008


the kind souls at threadszoo has invited the nikotina collectibles freak team to busk in the glory of urbanscapes 2008!come check us out!

freak team rare pose

arch enemies in a rare shoot ala wwf or on the mat...old skool wrestling...el- diablo as referee


El-Diablo the cannibal alleycat...inspired my our very own lilttle monster diablo...the resident house faux fur..fully bendable arms and hind legs...spiked and ready to go...evil as fukk...

selvam the pink skull

selvam the pink skull..snake loving todi drinking god of moonshine..serves as an incense holder for those starry starry nights...

foo the fly

Foo the fly...happy go lucky father of none...pot loving son of a drunk...toilet attendant by day...polishing his coin collection by the booth..maracas weilding flying moron by night...serves as an incense holder

Thursday, June 19, 2008

count euronymous

Born the pariah of a corpse painted black metal loving viking and a runaway gorilla, Count Euronymous stands tall at one foot..armed with a spiked ball..dark blue doc martens stolen from a sleeping homeless skinhead and the sweetest smile in the whole freaking world..arch enemy of the abominable slowjaxx..

the abominable slowjaxx

Standing at about a foot tall, the abominable slowjaxx

with fully flexible arms, white faux fur,luchador masked head and accessories..

our freak anti hero awaits to spread some love.mutated from a potent mix of a lonesome luchador and the abominable snowman..

nikotina collectibles@cloth&clef

greetings fellow freaks...

Nikotina Collectibles will be having it's debut

display at Cloth&Clef (music/fashion/art) boutique/gallery/watering hole

no.30,jalan changkat bukit bintang.50200 kl,

on 27th june 2008 onwards.

On display/sale will be our first series of one off figurines/keychains/incense holders..etc

inspired by mexican lucha wrestling/norwegian forest freaks and the elusive abominable snowman..the pieces will exclusively only be available at Cloth&Clef.

come check us out..yours truly, slowjaxx will also be doin his perverted void deck rubber soul..

acoustic among other performers that nite...


nikotina freak team

nikotina collectibles@urbanscapes 2008

greetings fellow freaks!come check out our booth ...nikotina collectibles@urbanscapes..we will be at the threadszoo tent..if u are into home made figurines /keychains/incense holders etc inspired by mexican lucha wrestling/norwegian forest freaks/the abominable snowman and jus plain freaky stuff yours truly slowjaxx will be doin his perverted void deck rubber soul at the acoustic stage...check us out soon for updates and pictures..