Sunday, March 8, 2009

Amy Moonshine

Drunken rock chic found sprawled by the stage..brought into our rehab..

Fully made of clay..8" tall
Works well as a dildo for those lonely drunken nites

for info n orders


incredible hulk's long lost green brotha..
1ft tall..fully bendable limbs..
custom orders n enquiries do contact us
we dun do the same thing twice..
choose your own detailing...

nikotina collectibles @ Tiger - Art In The City

Nikotina Collectibles will be doing an informal workshop @ Tiger -Art in the City. We will be showing you the basic ropes of doin fun stuff with Clay. So join our freak team @ The Atrium at Dhoby Ghaut in Singapore for freaky day out. Hosted by Kinemat, it will be held on 21st of march from 3pm - 6pm..More details will follow soon after our nikotina break..puff puff and ready...

Monday, March 2, 2009

pics of our home made halloween props

dead rockstars and fashion victims@ cnc

Nikotina busted our asses doing the props at Cloth n Clef for their first Hallows Eve party.Workin on a fixed budget, we helped the best we could for our friends at CnC. Everything was built or made from scratch..hands on..we sprayed, painted, foamed,dressed,hung and cobwebbed and conceptualised the look for the club. Punters said the decor was the best they've seen in Changkat Bukit we kinda happy with that yeah..pat on the back.. we had gene simmons in chains...Kurt Cobain rotting away hanging on the blackened walls..Amy Winehouse stoned and dethroned in Rehab..and even wacko the Jacko with his teddy bear perving on the underaged..we spent the whole nite setting up till way near doors opening and was really dead tired..looking like zombies..haha..i managed to shower and don my mil mascaras wrestling mask...waited for aimee(nikotina) to arrive frm another modelling job...hung out with the boys and went onstage to play our set..all donning wrestling masks was fun..Nadd (nikotina)was tired too but he managed to shoot the band on dv cam..haha..thought the days of dvd tapes were all it was a crazy hallows eve nite for all and we happy we managed to do our part helping out our friends at Cloth n Clef. If anyone is interested in us doing props do drop us a line we deal with conceptualisation as well and actual prop building.Money talks of course. Not everything in life is free.

happy hippyz @ threadszoo

we had a fun time at happy hippyz. Organised by the wonderful people of threadszoo. Areps n Dee gave out those hippy head bands for the stallholders..and the colorful stickers designed by Areps..We had fun sticking em everywhere haha...there were bands playing too and yours truly did his part with The Stoned Revivals. We did not get to jam prior to the gig but we had lotsa fun anyways..If i remembered, the crowd was not as much compared to the last one , maybe due to the weather or most jus feeling lazy perhaps to head outdoors..but nonetheless everything went fine..and we made some sales from our toys..and met wonderful people...wasn't Haight i must say but the vibe was sweet enuff...

freaky lucha mask

Hand-stitched, one of a kind freaky lucha mask..a mad mix of denim and leather..zippers galore..price vary on detailing..for info and custom order please knock on our doors


syaithanik ... el-diablo's pariah long lost cousin..born of fire and brimstone..1' in faux fur..fully bendable not underestimate his miniature size for he could pack in quite a punch...
to order this syaithanik doll please e mail us at

disko papan 2 @ cloth n clef

yeah...we organised the second disko papan to good response..last minute addition "tenderfist "were awesome!simple trio of nazri n his two other mates played geeky style experimental indie which was pleasent and dreamy at times laden with sweet feedback and sampled glitches..def a sweet suprise as opening..second act my old friends from across the border..Johnny Shameless and His Minions were as expected of a scum rock band. Clad in stripped down bondage gear ,(they couldn't bring in their full metal gear cross the customs)luchador masks..tattoos and a heavy,raw sound , they were something to be reckoned with. Disciples of GG Allin they kicked ass..i especially enjoyed watching these old mates of mine onstage and Johnny's lewdness.Third up were "Destroy All Monsters", also another band from the Lion City.Formerly a three piece with Rizal Drill grooving on distorted bass, for this gig he switched to guitars instead and added Din from Straits Records , replacing him on bass duties. Andz the Russian Tomcat did not disappoint on throats. Screaming along to the death disco beats and groove heavy tunes. If they added some sax they would sound a bit like the Rapture..Fourth up, Killeur Calculateur..KC to their followers..The Killeurs to me hahah..I have read a lot about their band in mags like Junk..etc..but knowing me, i had to see it for myself..dun believe the hype..and what better way than at a gig that i myself organised haha. Smek being an old friend back from the days when i was still living in Singapore and having seen him before in action with Custom and Sgt. weeners..i was not suprised when him n gang rocked the stage. Crowd sing-alongs, the coordinated shouts ala Fugazi..melodic but short, sharp and catchy.They are a must see band live..definitely having both the style and hooks much needed in a watered down and corporate brown nosing so-called "indie "scene of late. Yours truly, me n my mates in my KL version of the Stoned Revivals were up next..Iwont say much bout our set cos i would feel funny talking bout myself..i'm not into that..what i would say though is that i was jus happy onstage with Jeff, Haekel and Alang who jus got back from Australia..and many thanks to Jason for helping Nikotina with the soundcheck..Headlining this time was Arabyrd..this funky lass kicked up a storm and brought the house down..thanks arafah! Aimee (my other half in nikotina) asked her if she could repeat her Bartop singing action like she did on Hallows Eve at Cnc..and she did not disappoint us! She managed to bring back the crowd who did not realise there was another act after my set..Her funky freestyle and way cool bar top dance (not the cheesy sleazy pat pong kind , mind u) ended the night on an infinite high.. topped off by a fantastic Dj set..On behalf of Nikotina, I sincerely thank all those who came to support the freak scene..Ethaya, Jason,Ray,Lim and Sham from Cloth n Clef..the people who came n listened without prejudice..and especially the bands who played their hearts out..not for the money but for the love of music...peace to all..Slowjaxx (Nikotina Freak Team)