Friday, January 8, 2010



I just bumped into Otam last night when we were both doing a shoot for my friend Haziq's skool project. They shot us doin each bout 4 songs acoustic. Before the actual shoot me and Otam had a lil jamming session in the "make up" was fun! Anyways, here is one soul brother who has a mean throaty voice and a knack for writing superb tunes on his beaten classical guitar. Having lived in Canada for 6 years before returning to Malaysia, he is one of the best from the singer songwriter circle! Always humble and a joy to talk kids, that is the recipe for longevity in the music scene. Enough of your rockstar posterings..hehe..What can i say, come and check out the dude live! We mite even do a jammin session..Otam+Slowjaxx..haha
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


10 Things About Jerome:
1. Jerome sings and plays guitar, shakers and sometimes has a laptop as his band. He is a self-taught musician and can't read notes for shit.
2. He originally comes from Kota Kinabalu, which is situated on the island of Borneo. He's been based in KL since 2000.
3. He started writing poetry from the age of 14 and still does. Currently preparing his poetry collection "Imaginary Poems" for publication in 2009.
4. His early idols include Tina Turner, Tracy Chapman and Suzanne Vega.
5. His current idols are Bjork, David Sylvian, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Kate Bush, Scritti Politti, Autechre and Marissa Nadler.
6. He started making music in 1996, at age 20, when he was studying in Australia, with band called C.U.N.T. which was a Casio-based punk band. It lasted for four gigs then imploded. Later he collaborated with Alien Headspace and Futuretro as vocalist. Then set up a shortlived studio band with Elena Williams and Susan Cunningham called WilKuCunn (ha ha ha). Long time ago... duuude...
7. He currently works as media manager for The Annexe Gallery at Central Market Annexe. He was previously sub-editor for KLue and Junk magazines. Jerome is actually trained as a writer. He has a degree in Professional Writing from the University of Canberra, Australia. Yep, you read that right! Six years in fucking Canberra!
8. He won two Cameronian Arts Awards in 2005 for music he composed for Ops Ophelia, a play directed by Rohaizad Suaidi.
9. He is one-third of Troubadours Enterprise, a company that organises singer songwriter gigs around KL, including KL Sing Song. The other two thirds are singer songwriters Azmyl Yunor and Tan Sei Hon. They joke a lot.
10. He released his solo debut album "Songs For A Shadow" in April 2008. It got him nominated for Best Pop Vocalist at the 1st VIMA 2009. Currently, JK is working on writing new songs for his second album tentatively titled "City Of Mud

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Thanks for making time for this bro! Had a great time at the Annexe gig! U were a great host!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010



There's two ways i can describe this band. One is that they write awesome forward thinking music. The other is that they are made up of super cool cats! I have known Nazri since i moved to KL 4 years ago when he was still under the moniker Joe Ribut dan Sidang-Sidang Petualang..I had loved the sax and noise drenched bleeps he was twiddling with back then! He was one of the guys besides Reza Salleh who actually invited me to play at their gigs and i would always be thankful to them. Now, back to the band! These guys dabble in electronic janggle tunes which are sweet n dark at the same time..backed by beats and a floor tom beaten like a heartbroken caveman. Reminds me of JAMC on a sunday afternoon stroll..haha..Thanks blats for finding the time to lend us support despite the impending birth of Nazri's baby! Like i said to him, fathers-to-be unite! A must see band!
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Gracing the stage formerly known as The Teh Gayong Lepak Stage will be these guys known simply as "V". Having been around since the mid 90's back in SG, they have been keepin a low profile till recently when they released their album filled with a mix of folk/rock and punk Malay gems. Their ranks boasts members of Lion City Surf punks Force Vomit plus a gang of Lo key underground scenesters. Get ready to be blown away by their heartfelt songwriting and genuine lyrical play.
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First time i saw these boys were onstage at the Causeway Battle gig organised by Ali and the OVC Crew from JB..Their song Lion City Gang is my personal favourite i must say. What better way to unleash these young lads to a bigger audience than at our very own gig. Mixing garage and punk with a good mix of aggro vocals, i must say they could be one of the young bands emerging from the Lion City to look out for besides their current batch of peers from bands like The Rejeks and Lovejets whom i would love to invite if ever i get the chance or time to organise another gig. I guess the old and jaded scenestars should learn a thing or two from the young ones!

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Monday, January 4, 2010



"Funk, soul and psychedelic music."

These are the many few things that can best described the trio from Lion City, Spacedays.

With a mission to re-create the 70's soul/funk fever back in Asia, the trio consisting of Mamat Modjo ( guitars/vocals ), Andi Rahmat ( bass/vocals ) and Shakir ( drums/vocals ), are going at the scene with a big bang!!

What started out as a side project, evolves into a spectacular catastrophic turn of events and from then on, the "Space" frontier begins. With influences from the classic Motown soul and funk, along with the tripping colour scenes of Jimi Hendrix Experiences,David Bowie & Ziggy Stardust,Issac Hayes & James Brown and the direct Rock 'n' Roll approach of Dr.Feelgood, the boys sought out to create what was thought to be the new school of old school soul.

Many months have been spent in the studio perfecting their unique sound and approach to their music and now they are ready to take over the world!

Well , personally i have been given a rare preview of their tracks and i was blown away...Catch them live onstage at disko papan versus clef tunes this 23rd jan!

Sunday, January 3, 2010



I saw them live for the first time on the chillout stage at Rock The World recently..they played a few sets before me. Wanted to chat em up but was too busy. Good thing was my mate Ethaya from Cloth n Clef already had them in mind for our event. Some mite say that they sound a wee bit similar to Arcade Fire or this or that...but what is originality nowadays? If it's a bunch of mates who share the same frequency in music and are having the time of their lives, then that is all that matters.That's the spirit of rockenroll. I think they are an interesting bunch who will find their sound as they tread the road less travelled by most Malaysian bands.

"Khottal (Pronunciation: ˈkä-təl ) consists of 10 people, who are like a mixed bag of pills. This 10-piece outfit skips between punk, unpolished pop, indie rock, jangly and fey melodies that will make your laughter sounds a little different to the norm."

Saturday, January 2, 2010


What better way to start off the year with a rockin gig that'll bleed your eardrums? Yes, Disko Papan is back, this time round even better with us collaborating with Clef Tunes. As usual, this is a D.I.Y gig where bands from both Singapore and Malaya share the same stage. Proceeds from door sales will be split among bands. We have no Koprat Keparat sponsors so what you pay is what they get. So, we are hoping to lock down both upcoming and established bands from both sides of the causeway for your listening pleasure. Do not expect any radio fodder on the bill nor your usual headliners. If you are in for something different, then come and join us. Further updates will be announced soon like who's on the bill and ticket pricing, so do keep an eye out. This event is brought to you by the peace loving, tree hugging freaks from Nikotina and Cloth and Clef. Peace out.

Band announcement # 1
Review by

"Arguably the best band in the current Malaysian local Chinese independent scene, their politically charged live set, with its fair share of double pedal thumping, funkoid metal interludes, jarring dual guitar hammerings and spirited vocals, had fists pumping the air in glory.
Never far from voicing out social concerns and addressing anti-racial issues through its punk template, the band is rare breed unafraid of hitting a raw nerve.
The band recently embarked on a playing tour in China, with a remarkable and gutsy performance at the Midi Music Festival held in Beijing."

more updates comin soon....