Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bijou Flea Mart @ plaza damas

Was another day out for the Nikotina Freak rained halfway at noon which kinda killed the crowd..but we did manage to sell some stuff in between drinks at TGIF which was strategically situated opposite our booth..which got us kinda wasted by evening..haha...

Tiger Translate-Art In The City@ Plaza Singapura 2009

Slowjaxx reprezented the Nikotina Freak Team in the Lion City..exhibiting their works for sale and doing a two day workshop on polymer was heaps of fun introducing the masses to the dark side..haha

the abominable slowjaxx

the lonesome misunderstood anti-hero..1 foot tall with fully bendable limbs..white faux fur and proudly barandishing his axe...our anti hero hides behind his luchador from prying eys and papanazis

nikotina knick knacks part 2

mixed stuff from the nikotina vault

nikotina knick knacks

t-light holders and lighter holders...lil things to brighten your mundane lives..conversational pieces for the wicked

nikotina freak team

Presenting our Nikotina Freak Zoo Collection

Saturday, August 22, 2009

nikotina new tee designs

check out our new nikotina tee designs for your viewing us here for your orders

boboi the pseudo skinhead and tamil tigerman

1 foot tall with fully bendable limbs..
two freaks of nature bonded by blood...

mountain man and dope prophet

hanging out at the barber shop...
Mountain man :1 foot tall..fully bendable faux fur..
prophet of dope : 5 inch..full clay incense holder

nikotina barbershop freaks

Nothin beats hanging out at the barbershop on a lazy Sunday afternoon...

tiga abdul

tiga abdul...three numbskulls hanging out by the street corner...BOI the pseudo skinhead clad in stolen leather jacket from a rocker..El Bastardo the furry b-grade luchador reject and Mr Sexxfiend the leather clad bondage freak...