Monday, January 4, 2010



"Funk, soul and psychedelic music."

These are the many few things that can best described the trio from Lion City, Spacedays.

With a mission to re-create the 70's soul/funk fever back in Asia, the trio consisting of Mamat Modjo ( guitars/vocals ), Andi Rahmat ( bass/vocals ) and Shakir ( drums/vocals ), are going at the scene with a big bang!!

What started out as a side project, evolves into a spectacular catastrophic turn of events and from then on, the "Space" frontier begins. With influences from the classic Motown soul and funk, along with the tripping colour scenes of Jimi Hendrix Experiences,David Bowie & Ziggy Stardust,Issac Hayes & James Brown and the direct Rock 'n' Roll approach of Dr.Feelgood, the boys sought out to create what was thought to be the new school of old school soul.

Many months have been spent in the studio perfecting their unique sound and approach to their music and now they are ready to take over the world!

Well , personally i have been given a rare preview of their tracks and i was blown away...Catch them live onstage at disko papan versus clef tunes this 23rd jan!

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