Saturday, January 2, 2010


What better way to start off the year with a rockin gig that'll bleed your eardrums? Yes, Disko Papan is back, this time round even better with us collaborating with Clef Tunes. As usual, this is a D.I.Y gig where bands from both Singapore and Malaya share the same stage. Proceeds from door sales will be split among bands. We have no Koprat Keparat sponsors so what you pay is what they get. So, we are hoping to lock down both upcoming and established bands from both sides of the causeway for your listening pleasure. Do not expect any radio fodder on the bill nor your usual headliners. If you are in for something different, then come and join us. Further updates will be announced soon like who's on the bill and ticket pricing, so do keep an eye out. This event is brought to you by the peace loving, tree hugging freaks from Nikotina and Cloth and Clef. Peace out.

Band announcement # 1
Review by

"Arguably the best band in the current Malaysian local Chinese independent scene, their politically charged live set, with its fair share of double pedal thumping, funkoid metal interludes, jarring dual guitar hammerings and spirited vocals, had fists pumping the air in glory.
Never far from voicing out social concerns and addressing anti-racial issues through its punk template, the band is rare breed unafraid of hitting a raw nerve.
The band recently embarked on a playing tour in China, with a remarkable and gutsy performance at the Midi Music Festival held in Beijing."

more updates comin soon....

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