Sunday, January 3, 2010



I saw them live for the first time on the chillout stage at Rock The World recently..they played a few sets before me. Wanted to chat em up but was too busy. Good thing was my mate Ethaya from Cloth n Clef already had them in mind for our event. Some mite say that they sound a wee bit similar to Arcade Fire or this or that...but what is originality nowadays? If it's a bunch of mates who share the same frequency in music and are having the time of their lives, then that is all that matters.That's the spirit of rockenroll. I think they are an interesting bunch who will find their sound as they tread the road less travelled by most Malaysian bands.

"Khottal (Pronunciation: ˈkä-təl ) consists of 10 people, who are like a mixed bag of pills. This 10-piece outfit skips between punk, unpolished pop, indie rock, jangly and fey melodies that will make your laughter sounds a little different to the norm."

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