Friday, January 8, 2010



I just bumped into Otam last night when we were both doing a shoot for my friend Haziq's skool project. They shot us doin each bout 4 songs acoustic. Before the actual shoot me and Otam had a lil jamming session in the "make up" was fun! Anyways, here is one soul brother who has a mean throaty voice and a knack for writing superb tunes on his beaten classical guitar. Having lived in Canada for 6 years before returning to Malaysia, he is one of the best from the singer songwriter circle! Always humble and a joy to talk kids, that is the recipe for longevity in the music scene. Enough of your rockstar posterings..hehe..What can i say, come and check out the dude live! We mite even do a jammin session..Otam+Slowjaxx..haha
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