Tuesday, January 5, 2010



There's two ways i can describe this band. One is that they write awesome forward thinking music. The other is that they are made up of super cool cats! I have known Nazri since i moved to KL 4 years ago when he was still under the moniker Joe Ribut dan Sidang-Sidang Petualang..I had loved the sax and noise drenched bleeps he was twiddling with back then! He was one of the guys besides Reza Salleh who actually invited me to play at their gigs and i would always be thankful to them. Now, back to the band! These guys dabble in electronic janggle tunes which are sweet n dark at the same time..backed by beats and a floor tom beaten like a heartbroken caveman. Reminds me of JAMC on a sunday afternoon stroll..haha..Thanks blats for finding the time to lend us support despite the impending birth of Nazri's baby! Like i said to him, fathers-to-be unite! A must see band!
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